Contributing Expert (Guest) Partnership Agreement

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As a guest expert on our VIP masterCAST LIVE productions, our intention is to work COOPERATIVELY to produce a high-value, content-rich VIP (video information product). POSITIONING you correctly along with our world-class celebrity lineup and SHOWCASING you as an AUTHORITY in your industry is one of the best ways to help you acquire more clients; book more speaking engagements; sell more books, products, services; attract more media attention; and become the go-to person in your industry.

If being interviewed on a show and POSITIONED along with past show guests, brands and authority figures such as Sir Richard Branson (Virgin Brand), Donald Trump (Miss Universe Organization), and Kevin Harrington (As Seen On TV and Shark Tank) is of value to you, then we invite you to apply.

Our PRODUCTION CYCLE Consists of 3 Stages

* We (Producers) require our contributing experts (Guests ) to strictly adhere to the steps of this cycle in order to ensure a successful outcome for both parties. If you do not agree to participate full-out as a contributing subject matter expert and marketing partner, please DO NOT apply.

Your invitation by the Producers to be a guest expert on the show does not guarantee acceptance. We do ask you to jump through some hoops. Is it worth it? You decide!

If you do decide to participate as a contributing expert (Guest), please respect the process. We have a 10 year solid track record of success in creating quality LIVE and On-Demand on-camera interviews and video information products.

Okay, you’re still here. So let’s get started …

I. PREPARE (PRE-PRODUCTION) – 4 P Action Step Process

During this stage we’ll work together to plan and prepare your message (including scripting and story-boarding), plus practice your delivery for mastery well in advance in preparation for your LIVE or pre-recorded presentation.


  • Commit to a DATE and TIME to become (1 of 3) contributing experts (Guests) for an upcoming VIP MasterCAST LIVE online production. [Click here to see our event schedule]
  • Our producers will work with you to help identify your target audience, research the market potential, and confirm a hot VIP (Video Information Product) topic for your presentation [visit to see samples of titles and topics in the Authority marketplace]


  • Our producers will work with you to help create a storyboard outline and script for your VIP (Video Information Product) [click here to download a PowerPoint template].


  • Commit to a DATE and TIME for a Pre-Production Hangout. [Click here to see our event schedule] * It is strongly advised that you rehearse and practice your delivery in preparation for the final production.


  • Our Producers will help you with tips and techniques to become “camera-ready”. [Click here to watch short video tutorials]


II. PRODUCE (PRODUCTION) – 4 P Action Step Process


  • On the DATE and TIME of your scheduled VIP MasterCAST, we’ll go LIVE via Google+ Hangouts On Air to record a one-hour broadcast.


  • Upon completion of the Google+ HOA, our production team will edit, render, and encode the video in preparation for online market distribution.


  • Our Producers will provide you with a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives license for your VIP (Video Information Product)
    * This license allows for redistribution, commercial and non-commercial, as long as it is passed along unchanged and in whole, with credit to you.


  • Our production and marketing team will package your VIP (Video Information Product) online for maximum marketing potential and best audience viewing experience.
  • Our web design and development team will build the following marketing materials including:
    – Lead page (including an opt-in form, your profile photo, presentation title and description of the topic you will be presenting on. [click here to see sample page] – Media page (including an embedded video of the LIVE Google+ HOA, your profile photo, short 150 word bio, presentation title and short description of the topic including 3-5 bulleted benefits [click here to see sample page] – Promotional graphics (Media Showcase banner ad and buttons featuring YOU as a guest on our show)


III. PROMOTE (POST-PRODUCTION) – 4 P Action Step Process


  • Our marketing team will publish your VIP (Video Information Product) to select video sharing and podcast sites, blogs, micro-blogs, news and bookmarking sites, and distribution partner sites.
  • Reciprocally, you agree to publish the Media Showcase banner ad in a prominent location on your website (e.g. Media Appearances) with a link back to your Media page containing the embedded video clip. Alternatively, you may embed the YouTube video onto your website with a link back to your Media page at


  • Our marketing team will distribute your VIP content via social media networks and online communities.
  • Reciprocally, you agree to promote your VIP content via your social media accounts including (but not limited to) – Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Publicity & PR:

  • Optionally, our marketing team may elect to write and submit a press release to online PR and publicity sites about your involvement as a guest on our show..


  • Our Producers will discuss with you some advanced promotion strategies including strategic partnering, event marketing and paid advertising options.



If you have already produced a short, educational, quality video clip targeting the authority marketplace and would like to feature your content on a future VIP MasterCAST or within our membership at or, please submit your video to our producers for our team to review.

Contact us now through our support ticket system if you are interested in learning more about the benefits of becoming a contributing guest expert on our show.

Thank You!

Maria Ngo & Ray DuGray