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Dr. Sheila Dobee shares new cutting edge dental technology that is transforming the patient experience – no drill, no needle, NO PAIN


TheStripLIVE.com | LAS VEGAS | Media Showcase | Interview with celebrity guest Dr. Sheila Dobee for THE STRIP LIVE celebrity talk show | Director’s cut | Join new media producers and celebrity positioning specialists Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray as they hangout and showcase Dr. Sheila Dobee (celebrity dentist and health educator) on location at the Digital Footprint event.

In this interview, Dr. Dobee discusses new cutting edge dental technology that every dentist and patient is going to want to know about. Imagine a procedure involving no drill, no needle and NO PAIN. Watch now for details.

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[BEGINNING OF TRANSCRIPT] [Maria Ngo] And we’re back on the red carpet with celebrity dentist, Dr. Sheila Dobee. You look absolutely beautiful tonight.

[Sheila Dobee] Thank you so much.

[Maria Ngo] So tell me about this new technology that is cutting edge and very few dentists have.

[Sheila Dobee] Well, the great thing is a lot of people don’t realize that a lot of patients are really nervous about coming to the dentist because of the drill, one thing. And then the other thing is that very scared of the needles, the shots. So now there’s this technology that you can captive without having a shot and without having any pain. And it’s amazing. It’s the newest laser that’s out there and I’m so happy and so excited that I have it.

[Maria Ngo] Okay, sign me up [laughs] because… I’m serious, like that sounds, when you know…

[Sheila Dobee] Yeah, absolutely!

[Maria Ngo] It’s terrible.

[Sheila Dobee] So many patients just hate that drilling noise.

[Maria Ngo] Yes!

[Sheila Dobee] And this is the 21st century. So it’s time that as dentist, catch up to the technology out there and I’m so excited because now patients have nothing to be scared about by coming for their appointment. They just, if they needed filling or have the cavity big fix, we just go in with the laser. They don’t feel it. They’re in and out. It’s a really quick procedure and they love it and they’re just amazed that this technology is actually out there now.

[Maria Ngo] So there’s no numbing sensation or anything.

[Sheila Dobee] No!

[Maria Ngo] You just literally just lay down and you laser.

[Sheila Dobee] (Yeah)

[Maria Ngo] And then we’re good.

[Sheila Dobee] Yeah, there’s no numbing. So you know where you’re going to dentist and then your whole, like your tongue feels numb, your mouth feels numb. You can’t eat for a few hours. There’s nothing. You just come in and you leave and it’s amazing. And the best thing about it is it’s amazing for kids because there’s so many children that have really traumatizing experiences when they’re young. They come in and then they’re like really traumatized and they don’t ever want to go to the dentist. So then, years passed and they get lots cavities and the rest of it. Now, we can have a quick, easy procedure. And these kids, they’re just loving it because they come in and then you know, it’s almost like we’re like, “Hey, this is like a ninja style.

[Maria Ngo] Yeah!

[Sheila Dobee] It’s like tough aido. We have a laser. And then they’re like, “Wow, let me see.” And I’m like zzz… And then it makes a little cool noise and it’s like has a little beeping and the kids like this is amazing! And they love it. In fact, the worst thing about it is that like, “Hey, I want to come back.” And I’m like, “You know, if you want to come back, you get more cavities. So this should be your last appointment. [laughs] So, it’s been… It’s really great technology and I’m just, you know to have that kind of technology, is amazing for dentist because we don’t want patients to come in and see us and be nervous and be stressed out about things but now we can actually have an appointment that’s amazing and they don’t feel anything and it’s brilliant for the profession and I’m super excited.

[Maria Ngo] Well, I know what a phenomenal professional you are, and a dentist you are and you’re so great from the, just the people and the love that you have for not only the industry but for your patients. So for people who want to get more information may be learn, you know maybe come to see you, where should they go?

[Sheila Dobee] They can go my website on YourCaringDentist.com.

[Maria Ngo] Thank you so much.

[Sheila Dobee] Thank you.




Dr Dobee focuses her practice on preventive dentistry and patient education. She has a special interest in cosmetic procedures.

Active in continuing education, Dr Dobee is a member of the American Dental Society and California Dental Society. She is the Past President of Southern Alameda Dental Society.

Dr Dobee recently was awarded ‘Bay Area’s Outstanding Business Woman of the year award’ she had featured in numerous newspaper articles and has appeared on Fox news.

Dr Dobee is also certified in hypnosis and phobia work. She takes pride in her ability to address “dental fear” (especially young children) in a relaxed environment where patients feel comfortable.

At Dr. Dobee’s office, patients are part of an extended “dental family”, receiving modern, professional dental services and the highest quality of care and respect.

Personal mission statement:

“To enrich the lives of many through my love and passion of dentistry. To make each patient feel like they are part of my family”

- Dr Sheila Dobee

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