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Joan Perry discusses her passion for helping women in four specific areas of their lives while empowering them to overcome adversity in the process


TheStripLIVE.com | LAS VEGAS | Media Showcase | Interview with Joan Perry for THE STRIP LIVE celebrity talk show | Director’s cut | Join new media producers and celebrity positioning specialists Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray as they hangout on location at the TGC Digital Footprint event to showcase Joan Perry (author, speaker, business/life coach, and women empowerment strategist).

In this interview, Joan discusses her passion for helping women in four specific areas of their lives.

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[BEGINNING OF TRANSCRIPT] [Maria Ngo] And I’m on the red carpet with the lovely, Joan Perry! Thank you so much for being here. You look gorgeous!

[Joan Perry] Well, thank you it’s just delightful to be with you!

[Maria Ngo] So, I absolutely love where you are in life right now because I know that you’ve been through so much and had incredible hard times but from that has come a tremendous wisdom and courage and just amazing experience. So, do you mind sharing some of that story?

[Joan Perry] You know I’m here to share it because I think as women these days were going through lots of challenging experience and the really good news is that while I’ve been so, through so much that’s really horrendous. You know, people have said to me, “How did you make it through all of that?” The same time, it’s… inspired me, a courage, and a strength that I didn’t have before. And so I’m very happy with the gifts that have come about from that.

[Maria Ngo] Well, just like the people understand the context to what you went through, can you just kinda give… you know, what was happening in a very short period time of your life.

[Joan Perry] Gosh, very short? I went through a divorce, business failure, a family estate problem which really react to my family, moves and changes really in one week. You know, major loss that most people would not be able to live with. And then I really had a question of how do I handle these. Do I fly or do I follow crash on the rocks below me and give up?

[Maria Ngo] So, what did you do from that day to day because I know, for most people would be very, very challenging to just take it day by day. How did you get up every morning just to move forward?

[Joan Perry] Yes, and that’s a really good question because in the beginning, I was… almost like a deer in the headlight. It was like, “How do I even move?” And I had a friend and people are really important in your life at that point who literally made a list for me of what to do every single day. And I started to take some action. And I realized I needed to take action in four areas of my life and that’s what I really want a model for women right now. As you go through these changes, there’ve four very distinct areas of your life that if you’ll get those back into play, you’ll move on in the success that I’ve moved on.

[Maria Ngo] Well, outstanding. So, for those people who wanna go to your website to get that information so they can start your moving forward in their life. Where should they go?

[Joan Perry] So, my website is: awomanbuildswealth.com and also womenswealth.money. So, you can go to either one of them and there I talked to you about the strategies that you can put into place to not only get your life moving again but to rock it.

[Maria Ngo] Well, you are rocking it and I absolutely love you. You know that. Thank you so much.

[Joan Perry] Thank you.

[Maria Ngo] And congratulations on everything.

[Joan Perry] Thank you.


Joan Perry is a Best Selling Author, Professional Speaker, and Life/Business Coach with 20 plus years of experience as a business owner, securities and real estate investor, financial consultant and entrepreneur.

Now as the in demand Publisher of LivingMe Magazine, she shares her insight, inspiration and clarity with women about the secrets to living our lives with stability, authenticity, expression and contribution – the path to personal and business joy and fulfillment – and her story of overcoming personal adversity to get there.

As a prolific writer, she has authored LivingMe Magazine – and the best selling books ‘A Girl Needs Cash’ and ‘Living Proof – Celebrating Gifts That Came Wrapped In Sandpaper (co-authored with Lisa Nichols). USA Today said about ‘A Girl Needs Cash’, ‘This book is a Winner!’. Joan has been on major national radio and TV, written for major publications, and been the keynote for corporate and women’s programs.

Her message is courage and strength for women, building a foundation to achieve this for sustained lasting results, and the transition to living fulfilled meaningful lives.

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