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Dr. Mehmet Oz

Media Showcase

Dr. Oz shares practical expert advice on how we can get a better quality of sleep for improved health

| TheStripLIVE.com | LAS VEGAS | Media Showcase | Media interview with show guest Dr. Mehmet Oz on THE STRIP LIVE — a success-themed celebrity talk show for VIPN / VIPNetMedia.com | Director’s cut |

Join new media producers and celebrity positioning specialists Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray as they hangout and showcase Dr. Mehmet Oz (author, TV personality, health expert) on location at International CES inside the Las Vegas Convention Center.

In this interview, Dr. Mehmet Oz addresses the endemic problem in America of people not getting enough sleep and the associated health risks. As a solution, Dr. Oz teamed up with ResMed to bring to market a tool that helps measure the amount and quality of sleep an individual is getting. Watch and learn how this device can immediately change the quality of your life for the better.

To watch more interviews showcasing success stories from top celebrities entrepreneurs, and industry experts live from Las Vegas, visit TheStripLIVE.com.

[BEGINNING OF TRANSCRIPT] [Maria Ngo] So Dr. Oz, tell me about the sleep experiment and why you’re passionate about helping Americans sleep better.

[Dr. Mehmet Oz] I try to answer the questions that viewers are asking and this is one that comes up all the time. It’s ‘Why am I gaining weight and why am I so tired? But people at home do it right now. Go to your browser and say, ‘Why I’m myself?’ And you’ll see it will autocomplete tired, sleepy, etc. So I realize this is an indelicate problem in America which is not sleeping and we don’t think we can. And I know we can. So I teamed up with ResMed and we created this I think is the best tool out there for truly measuring what’s going on inside your body when you try to sleep. It creates you. So now we can go beyond, “I just sleep last night.” And how many hours with it to the quality of sleep you had and we began to learn some very productive things because it’s the largest sleep study ever done with a high-quality device at home. And I love what we learned. For example, I learned the copy is not as bad as I feared. It turns out you can get away with a couple cups of coffee.

[Maria Ngo] (Yeah)

[Dr. Mehmet Oz] And so, less than four cups of coffee cost you eight minutes. It’s okay not a big deal. More than four is a problem. And in terms of alcohol turns out to be actually beneficial. I’m not saying to go drink. I didn’t say drink. I’m just saying that data is, ‘If you haven’t had over the course the day we all know what time you drank, on the two glasses of alcohol, you actually seem to sleep a little better. Exercise also good news. Half an hour of exercise gives you a gargantuan bump and exercise. But you don’t exercise more than that. You’ll sleep better by exercising more just half-an-hour a day gets you there.’ We also uncovered some interesting observations about the effect of the election on sleep. You know the coast of the country really not sleep well for a long time. The middle of the country, the red states do seem to sleep a little better. It’s just to educate us about the role of natural disasters and stressful events like terrorism or elections on people’s ability to sleep because that affects our health. And that such a big breakthrough idea. Using this S Plus device, this sleep score device, we’re going to be able to grade the different tools you use and try to sleep better. We know sleeping pills for example. On average, give you less than 10 minutes of quality sleep. Maybe some work better for you. Others don’t. You can take it on yourself. We know that mattresses affect your sleep quality. It’s about a 20-minute demonstrating best and worst mattress. We know that the size of the bed matters. So there’s lots of tools. We can figure out exactly what temperature your room should be. How lighting should be, whether you should be repainting the room, how far your spouse should sleep from you or maybe not ever there.

[Maria Ngo] and [Dr. Mehmet Oz] [laughs] [Dr. Mehmet Oz] And There are lots of things we can begin to educate rank because we give you a number, a grade. You would never have a bank account that didn’t have an amount in there, right? Your ability for your medical records not being in your hands and part of that medical experience that helped experience doing your sleep because it influences about so much else beyond just how tired you are.

[Maria Ngo] But what about people in the AMS industry or you know, working shift work nurses, doctors etc. The fact is they are running long hours. So how do they implement a better sleep strategy?

[Dr. Mehmet Oz] For shift workers, and I’ll just be honest about this, actually have a life expectancy shift because of the shift work. So it’s not a subtle problem. It’s a big deal. To correct that, you really want to be super attentive every state because we know that not sleeping the right way, not just the quantity but the quality, if it’s not there, increases high blood pressure, number one major of all; increases heart failure, most expensive we can go to hospital; increasing irregular heartbeats, many of you experience that; stroke rates go up. Lots of things are affected. So please don’t underestimate how powerful tool this is. The best part is, if you sleep though, a lot of those problems go away and things they look like weight loss become easier, because first you can’t eat while you’re sleeping. But in addition, when you don’t sleep, you crave carbohydrates. You don’t just crave any food. You crave bad foods for you. So the beauty of sleep is it put the power back in your hands and focus on the script were working their tails off that you don’t have to sleep 12 hours a day. You get seven hours of quality sleep. It is a little less for a lot of you but you can get away with it. You can get, you know you’ll be okay. But we’re in society now where third of the people in our study we’re getting steep scores they were really low. And a lot of our score in sleeping anywhere close to the required seven hours of sleep but when you combine low quality and low quantity sleep, you’re walking disaster. And things like fatal car accidents occur but you can also hopefully not experience that but you will definitely experience decreasing creativity, the quality of your life dropped. Why live life exhausted all the time when you have the wisdom right now just fingertips make a difference?

[Maria Ngo] Well, my final question: You are doing so much and you’ve accomplished so much in your own life. So first of all what is your sleep number and how do you actually maintain the quality of life that you have?

[Dr. Mehmet Oz] I can get my four and I will show you but I got an 88 last night

[Maria Ngo] (Wow)

[Dr. Mehmet Oz] which is not bad [laughs] but I actually work its state because it’s not an accident. I’m a heart surgeon. I was trained not to sleep. Heart surgeons are like fighter police. They send you out there and trying out to see if there’s a sign of weakness. But it turns out you don’t want open people’s chests when you haven’t slept. So I work hard at it. But for me, the most important take away our shows that were on the strip, it’s not about time management. It’s about energy management. The things you do give you chi, that life force of energy and you feel one live and buy it. You can do more of it without getting exhausted. But a certain point every night or whenever your night time equivalent is, you turn the lights down, cool the room down, take your clothes off, mind in bed, in a peaceful location, in the position that the pillows they need to be and just relax. You deserve it more importantly your vital thank you for the next morning you’ll be healthier and wiser, and your function more effectively and that’s what’s life about.

[Maria Ngo] Well thank you for all of your work that you do and you’re such an inspiration and I admire you greatly. So, thank you for speaking with us today.

[Dr. Mehmet Oz] My pleasure. Stay well. Take care.

[Maria Ngo] Thank you.




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