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Re-Sanity is the antidote to an insane world according to David Corbin and lifestyle architect Anne Smith


TheStripLIVE.com | LAS VEGAS | Media Showcase | Interview with celebrity guests David Corbin (known as the ‘Mentor to Mentors’) and Anne Smith (‘The Lifestyle Architect’) for THE STRIP LIVE celebrity talk show | Director’s cut | Join new media producers and celebrity positioning specialists Maria Ngo and Ray DuGray as they hangout and showcase David Corbin (author, speaker, mentor, advisor) and Anne Smith (health & lifestyle educator/advisor) on location at Digital Footprint Event coordinated by Ken and Kerri Courtright of IncomeStore.com.

In this interview, David Corbin and Anne Smith discuss some important life hacks including the importance of consuming good clean water to prevent disease by reducing the level of toxins in our system.

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[BEGINNING OF TRANSCRIPT] [Maria Ngo] Hey, we’re on the red carpet. With me is Anne Smith, The Lifestyle Architect and David Corbin who’s The Mentors to Mentors. I have no idea how this is working together. But you guys are working on a project. Is that correct?

[David Corbin] We are. You know, we, as you know, I’m The Mentor to Mentor. I have been working with a lot of entrepreneurs through the years. One of the things that I’m committed to is not having an entrepreneur being very financially successful and physically just sort of deteriorate. What’s the sense in that?

[Maria Ngo] So, tell me about your world as a lifestyle architect?

[Anne Smith] Well, I’m an architect by profession but I’ve been studying health for about 25 years and I’ve always been fascinated on how to build a healthy life as I build healthy buildings, right? for people to enjoy. And so I wanted to integrate a lifestyle that people could be vibrant healthy and sustainable as I do with my buildings. And so we wrote this book together called ‘Re-sanity’ and it’s really about the truth about foods, meds and helpful living in an “insane” world. Cause right now I think we can all agree this world is crazy. And we’re going to be talking about not only sugar and aspartame and in beef, in poultry, in fish and all that other good stuff while fermented foods but also vaccines, EMF, so we get radiation from the cell phones. And we’re going to be talking about mammograms vs thermograms and a whole number of topics that I think people who want to be healthy but are not getting the information, this will help them get the information with links and studies that they can just click on and get the real independent studies not the ones funded by pharmaceutical companies that somehow all the standard drugs “work” and they’re healthy for you. And we know that not to be true.

[Maria Ngo] So you’re saying that we should be concerned with inflammation and how we can actually help our systems with water. So must start with you. Why should we be looking into inflammation in our body?

[Anne Smith] Well, this is interesting. Inflammation really is the cause of all disease. And you can say, ‘How do I get inflamed?’ That mean I eat pretty well. I don’t drink much. Well, actually inflammation comes from food toxins. So if you don’t buy organic, assume conventional is loaded with pesticides, herbicides, fungicides are all toxins. It gets into the body. If you say, ‘Okay, well I’m gonna buy organic. It shouldn’t be toxic.’ And I will say, ‘Wait a minute. What are you using for shampoo, your body lotion, your toothpaste, your fluoride, you know, your deodorant. Everything. Those are toxins. A lot of the environmental toxins, you have control over. And in our book, we’re gonna say, ‘Look, you know body cure. You know if you need to do body cure, here are some good healthy products that are not toxic. And the book would say, ‘This is why you should buy organic not just for the planet, but for your own planet inside you,’ right? Now if you are toxic. You know, remove the amalgams and silver bullion and so forth. But there are certain things you can take to pull out the toxins in your body and get them out of your body. It will take years because you built it up. It will take time to get rid of them. But it’s all important because they’re the cause of disease, the root of all disease.

[Maria Ngo] So, David, I think one of the simplest way is water.

[David Corbin] Yeah. Yes.

[Maria Ngo] So tell me about water.

[David Corbin] Well let’s just say the first thing is stop putting that garbage in your system. And then flush it out with water but not with the water that they’re selling us which is just a big scam. They’re taking tap water which has fluoride and chlorine and chloride and arsenic and what not which is tolerable. And they’re putting it in bottles. Now we’re saying get reverse osmosis water will get spring water to cleanse you. You want the quantity and quality of water to cleanse your body. Your body is 60 some odd percent of water. Let’s put the right stuff in there.

[Maria Ngo] Well, I’m really interested in getting this book. Where can we get the book?

[Anne Smith] Well, right now we’re going to be finishing it off and it will be on David’s website.

[David Corbin] davidcorbin.com. And then we’re going to have the lifestyle architect (dot) com. So people can get a lot of life hacks on life, liberty and the pursuit of the health.

[Maria Ngo] Yay! Well, thank you so much for helping us to be healthy. Thank you for being on the red carpet and dancing is a good thing, right? That’s good for our health.

[David Corbin] Oh yeah, let’s do that.

[Maria Ngo] Let’s go dance!




Keynote Speaker, Business Adviser, President of Private and Public Corporations, Inventor, Mentor and pretty good guy. A former psychotherapist with a background in healthcare, he has served as management and leadership consultant to businesses and organizations of all sizes – and enjoys the challenges of all. He has worked directly with the Presidents of companies such as AT&T, Hallmark, Sprint as well as the Hon.Secretary of Veterans Administration and others.

David claims that he is reverse aging not because of his healthy lifestyle of daily raw smoothies and fitness routine but because of the energy that he receives from gracious and appreciative audiences around the world.

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